The Crystal Casino Band

The Crystal Casino Band is the new name of DC-based indie rockers formerly known as The Colonies. TCCB separate themselves from the rest by providing a unique take on DIY culture, combining the style of The Strokes with the easy-going energy of surf-rock but with the bravado of The Killers. Their music, while both relatable and insanely catchy, is simultaneously raw and uncut-- adding a layer of authenticity and grounding the band firmly in their D.C. roots. 


Formed in 2015, the band then known as The Colonies first met and began playing together in the basement of their freshman dorm at George Washington University. Lacking proper recording space and resources from the university, founding members Pete Stevens (guitar and vocals) and Joey Mamlin (drums) did what they could to record, often tracking only one instrument at a time with a rudimentary knowledge of Pro Tools. Eventually they caught the eye of Searcher Records, GWU’s brand-new student-run record label, and began performing shows with bassist Jordan Mullaney and guitarist Dylan Trupiano to punch out the live element and add texture to their sound. The Colonies would record two more records (One of a Kind and Bound to be Something Good) and perform 25 more shows in the D.C. area before Mullaney and Trupiano parted ways with the band in 2019. Jarrod Hendricks joined soon thereafter to fill the rhythm guitar vacancy, adding his own flair and becoming the de-facto authority on the band’s brand aesthetic. Following the protests of police brutality in July of 2020, the band changed their name in recognition of the country's problematic past. 


The Crystal Casino Band are now Stevens, Mamlin, Hendricks, and Mullaney, who returned in the fall of 2020 to play bass again full-time. They have shared a stage with powerhouse performers including St. Lucia, SHAED and Judah and The Lion, quickly becoming one of D.C.’s go-to local bands. Known for their high energy shows and easy-listening music, TCCB continuously write, record, and perform new music, each release better than the last. And they have no intention of slowing down. 


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// guitar + vocals


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